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Product Portfolio bring forth the following products in diverse sizes and specifications:

  • Cleaning Equipments
    • Automobile Bins Air Washing Machine
    • Bucket Washer
    • Bubble Washer
    • Can Washer
    • Crate Washer
    • Cylinder
    • Incline Washer
    • Can Scrubber
    • Drum Washer
    • Ice Cream Crates Cleaning Machine
    • Pallet Washer
    • Rotary Washer
    • Steam Washer
    • Tin Cooling Conveyor
    • Tray Washer
    • Vegetable Washer
    • Utensil Washer
  • Process Equipments
    • Bottle Steriliser
    • Bulk Milk Cooler
    • Can Lid Opener
    • CIP System
    • Crate Scrubber
    • Cup Filling Machine
    • Dump Tank
    • Fruit Jam Making Machine
    • Ghee Boiler
    • Homogeniser
    • Kova Pan
    • Material Handling Equipments
    • Pasteuriser
    • Pipeline Construction
    • Plate Heat Exchanger - PHE
    • Steam and Water Mixing Battery
    • ULV Cold Fogging
    • Ventury
    • Weighing Bowl
  • Storage Equipments
    • Milk Storage Tank - Vertical
    • Milk Storage Tank - Horizontal
    • Silos
    • Dimple Jacket Tanks
    • Coil Jacket Tanks
    • Balance Tanks
    • LPG Cylinder Hydro Test Tank
  • Processing Plant
    • Honey Processing Plant
    • Milk Processing Plant
    • Paneer / Khoa Plant
    • Sugar Syrup Plant

Quality Trust

...that are suitably designed for manufacturing products of the best quality. All departments function in a well-coordinated manner as we follow fully documented assembly and test procedures, which facilitate effective communication of any kind of design changes and assembly techniques through various departments. We also enjoy commendable business relations with many key suppliers which give our clients the confidence that we will not only meet but expertly exceed their expectations and performance specifications.

Client Delight

...It also thrives on a corporate culture that encourages employees and members to practice open communication. Keeping a tab on customer feedback is seen as instrumental for business success and we align operations to their requirements and objective. We also check case studies and refer them for bringing further improvement in our products, processes and projects.